First Time French Press Coffee

Over the past couple years I’ve started to enjoy coffee.  What I once thought of as a bitter, watery caffeine delivery system has become an enjoyable treat.  My journey started with god awful gas station coffee supplemented with flavored creamers.  The occasional glass of iced coffee made with what was left over from my parents’ morning pot was good, but also flooded with creamer.

I slowly started to drink better coffee when it was there, but I still wasn’t completely sold on the stuff.  While at a gathering to mourn the loss of a loved one, one of my relatives made Syrian coffee.  Being adventurous with food, I gave it a try.  Black, no sugar, no cream.  It really opened my eyes to what coffee could be. It was strong, it was pungent, and was like nothing I had ever tasted.

That brings me to my current position.  I learned one of the reasons I never like my parents’ coffee was they made it quite weak.  I started experimenting and found I like a coffee with about twice as much grounds per cup of water.  Since then, I’ve been enjoying quality beans, usually shade grown (and free trade), but still made with a cheapo blade grinder and standard drip coffee maker. Continue reading