Sori Sushi

My dad and I were looking for some place new to go tonight when he mentioned he wanted sushi.  I had heard some good things about Sori Sushi, so we headed over there to give it a try.  It’s located on Monroe St. in Toledo, OH.

20130109-Sori Sushi-0002.jpgThe restaurant is small, but with a nice sized sushi bar.  We took a couple seats right in front of the owner and sushi chef, Kenny.  We were immediately served by his wife, co-owner and namesake for the restaurant, Sori.  She gave my dad and me each a small plate with dish containing cucumbers, a piece of crab, and a gingery dressing.

We took a brief look around the menu and filled out our order sheet. I chose a Sori Roll (~$12) as well as an Eel and Avacado hand roll, or Temaki (~$6). I also ordered one piece of sushi, mackerel, since I’ve never had this fish.

The Sori Roll is loaded with tuna, white tuna, salmon, snapper, crab, egg, and spicy tuna rolled up in a cucumber katsuramuki (thin sheet). It was 20130109-Sori Sushi-0001.jpgserved with tobiko in each slice and daikon radish.  The presentation was simple, but nice.  The roll was very good.  I actually took one piece apart to try its ingredients separately.  The fish was good, and the egg was sweet.  The spicy tuna was not very spicy, but had good flavor.  I would definitely order this one again.

I’ve been really liking hand rolls lately, and my eel and avocado one had good flavor.  It could have been rolled a bit better, but the taste is was counts.  And besides, I didn’t lose 20130109-Sori Sushi-0005.jpgany of the delicious filling out the bottom; no harm no foul, I guess!  I actually decided to order another hand roll, and I had Kenny make me a soft shell crab one for dessert (~$9).

The mackerel sushi ($2) was served with thinly sliced scallions and had a nice seafood flavor.

My dad ordered the Spicy Tiger roll (~$11), tempura shrimp with spicy tuna and tobiko on top.  I usually prefer a panko breaded shrimp to a real tempura one in rolls, I just think they stand up better.  Like I usually find, the tempura was a little soft, but it tasted good.  I love the spicy tuna, and the fact that it’s got some texture to it and not just mush.  It had only a little heat (how I like my spicy tuna); I’d say it would be fine for even though who don’t like spicy foods.  He also ordered a piece of octopus ($2.25)  and a piece of eel sushi ($2.75).

20130109-Sori Sushi-0006.jpgWhen I ordered my second temaki, my dad also ordered another roll, the Dancing Eel (~$12).  It comes with smoked almost, cucumber and cream cheese inside and is topped with eel and avocado.  He doesn’t like cucumber, so he subbed avocado.  This roll was my favorite of the night.  I could have used a bit less cream cheese, but it didn’t distract from the flavors.  The eel went very well with the smoky flavor from the salmon inside the roll.

Overall, it was a good time and a good meal.  The restaurant is nice inside, and the bar was fairly roomy for the two of us (although there weren’t many people sitting there).  The value for what we got was good.  The prices seemed about average from what I’ve had in Toledo.

Right before we left, Kenny and myself got talking about knives after I spotted the gorgeous yo-gyuto next to his work station.  He was friendly and very enthusiastic.  Besides, you gotta love knife talk!

While not my absolute  favorite, Sori Sushi is probably in my top 5 sushi restaurants in Toledo.Sori Sushi on Urbanspoon