Personal updates and what to expect from Explorer of Food

So what’s new with me?  Well, the last couple months have been extremely busy for me, which is why I haven’t had the time to put out any new posts.  Studying for finals this past semester was brutal for my friends and myself.  It left everyone burned out and ready for summer.  I’ve also been working to get myself a job that will actually help me further my career once I’ve graduated.

What about my interest in food?  It’s still there and going strong.  I’ve still been trying new food, new restaurants, and new kitchen gear.  This spring has led me down a new culinary path as well.  After being gifted a propane smoker for Christmas and reading about barbeque all winter longer, I’ve been putting it to good use this spring.  I’ve been sampling new brands and styles of beer and have found what I believe will be one of my all time favorites as well as a few that I won’t likely be buying again.

So stay tuned for some good content to come!


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