TRÖEGS JavaHead Stout

Troegs Java HeadIt’s been a while since I’ve made a post, so I thought I’d dig a little more into my beer tastings.  Some of the better grocery stores near me let you fill up a six pack with assorted single bottles of a wide assortment of craft brews.  This is really great for a newbie like myself as I can try a lot of stuff without buying six of everything.

Here’s one of the brews fro my last assorted six pack: TRÖEGS JavaHead Stout.  So here is my still very amateur review of this wonderful sounding stout.

JavaHead poured black with a tan head.  It smelled wonderful; roasty like chocolate or coffee.  Tasting it brought hints of coffee and roasted malt.  It was slightly bitter, but balanced well by the rich flavors.

Overall, this was a good brew that I would drink again.  It was really my first departure from traditional stout beers and I enjoyed it.

Troegs Java Head


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