Toledo Favorites 2: Pub Food – Nick & Jimmy’s Bar and Grill

I’m not big on going to bars. In fact, what usually gets me to a bar is the food.  I’ll usually have a drink, but the food is why I’m there.  For that reason, Nick & Jimmy’s has become one of my go-to bars.  Nick & Jimmy’s is one of a few restaurants owned by the same restaurateur.   These include the Village Inn, Basin Street Grille, and the Temperace, MI Nick & Jimmy’s.

Upon entering the restaurant, there is a section of seating and of course the bar. Off to your right is another small seating section and a room with two pool tables and a shuffleboard table.  Off of that room is another small bar.  There are a few arcade games throughout the bar like pinball.

I am rarely in there for dinner or later with the bar crowd.  My friends and I will grab a late lunch after class occasionally.  It is usually not very busy in the middle of the afternoon. We usually eat with a beer, then go play some pool, which is $1 per game.

They are open for breakfast most days all the way through late night.  Breakfast is good, especially the omelets.  The lunch/dinner food choices range from your standard fried pub food, to some really great burgers and salads.  I’ll cover a few of my favorite menu items.

First up is their wide array from fried vegetables.  Pickles, mushrooms, onion rings, bell peppers, and zucchini come dipped in their homemade wine batter and then deep fried.  All of these are among the best fried veggies I’ve had.  The mushrooms and pickles are my personal favorites, but all are good.

Just between the Po’Boy sandwiches and burgers, there a lot of choices.  I regularly get (and recommend) the Zorba Burger.  Aside from the standard burger veggies, it comes topped with an amazing feta cheese and garlic sauce.  It’s messy, just like a good burger should be!  I’ve also had a couple Shrimp Po’Boys, and would highly recommend them too.

If you’re looking for something lighter, check out the salads, especially the Greek Salad.  Topped with an assortment of things, the most notable being the homemade Greek style balsamic vinaigrette.  This salad is unique, even within the realm of Greek salads.  They’ve also got wings, other sandwiches, homemade pizza, and even oysters on the half shell.

The beer selection at Nick & Jimmy’s is very good, with a lot of different beers on tap.  You’ll definitely find something you like.  I usually go with a Guinness, but will try something else on occasion.  So when I’m in the mood for a sandwich filled with crispy fried shrimp, a great Greek salad, or a few games of pool with some friends, I head to Nick & Jimmy’s Bar and Grill

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