Pegasus Taverna

My family had planned, for my 21st birthday back in November, to drive up to Detroit to go to Greektown Casino and Pegasus Taverna (mainly to go to the latter!). We then got a call from my uncle, who lives in Kingston, New York, and he told us he was coming to visit in December. Pegasus is one of his favorite restaurants, so we pushed our trip back to when he would be here.

To keep a long story short, we ate a lot of good food throughout the weekend.  And Saturday afternoon, we packed everybody up and drove to the casino. We spent about an hour and a half in the smoky place, which was plenty for all of us. We then walked down the nice brick pathway from the casino past many of the other restaurants and to Pegasus Taverna. This was my first time there.

Boy were they packed! Even with a reservation, we waited 20 minutes or so. That didn’t bother any of us, but if it would bother you, I’d suggest not going on a saturday night. We were seated and our waitress took our drink and appetizer orders. One of the main things we came for was Saganaki.

Saginaki at Pegasus TavernaSaganaki is a Greek dish of pan fried cheese. Brandy is poured over the cheese at the table and set alight. Then, of course, everyone yells, “Opa!” The flames are doused with generous squirt of lemon juice and the cheese is eaten with bread. So how was it, you ask? What’s not to love about flaming, brandy soaked, crispy cheese?!  Our table of six devoured six before we decided to leave room for dinner.  They even polished off half of this one before I could get my camera out.

Oh, did I mention the quail? In my quest to discover new and delicious foods, I came across quail on the menu. I took the opportunity to order the little bird, which was boned except for the legs and wings, then baked I assume. Two of them actually. Between the delicious Greek spices and the birds rich taste, I was definitely glad I ordered the quail appetizer. I ate one and everyone else split the other, just to taste it.

Pegasus Special at Pegasus TavernaThen came the main course. Lamb chops are one of their specialties, and I think 3 of the six ordered them. Two at our table ordered sauteed shrimp. I, on the other hand, wasn’t content to just try one thing. I ordered the Pegasus Special. Two lamb chops, 3 shell on broiled shrimp, and a serving of spanakopita, or spinach pie.

The lamb chops were outstanding. They were flavorful, meaty, and greasy. Everything a good lamb chop should be. As far as lamb chops go, they were huge.

The shrimp, broiled in the shells, took shrimp to a whole new level. In a Greek broth of lemon garlic and butter, they were incredible. As good as the lamb chops were, I think the broiled shrimp would be my next meal there (on top of a few orders of Saganaki). My Spanakopita (shown below) was delicious too!

Spanakopita at Pegasus TavernaOut waitress was great, she took all six of our orders by memory and got everything right. She was attentive, which was surprising given how busy they were. The atmosphere was good; it was loud but not so loud as to prevent conversation at our table. Our table was a bit cramped for 6 though.

It was a great night spent with my family eating good food. Missing the casino wouldn’t have bothered me at all, and next time we go, it will probably be just to Pegasus Taverna.


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