Magic Hat Heart of Darkness

Magic Hat: Heart of Darkness

Hey everybody! Before I start this post, I want to give a little more info about myself.  Like I said in my introduction post, I recently turned 21 and have started to get into wine and beer pairings with food.  I’ve never been a big fan of beer, but I’ve been experimenting lately and have started to find some that I enjoy.  Most of those seem to be of the dark variety, particularly stouts.  My first beer was a Guinness, on the recommendation of a friend who is also not a big beer guy.

That brings me to my (very amateurish) review of Magic Hat’s “diabolically delicious stout,” Heart of Darkness.  The bottle is pictured to the right.

Heart of darkness indeed, this beer was black once poured into a glass.  I couldn’t even see any light through it.  The head wasn’t very thick,

and dissipated maybe a quarter way through the glass.  It did leave some lacing during the time it was present.  The hear is show below, right after what I considered a good pour (for me).

Magic Hat: Heart of Darkness

This beer had a fairly distinct coffee smell to it along with that of beer.

I’ll say now that I’m not too good at picking out hints of flavors and nuances in beers yet, so I won’t even attempt to go into much detail here.  It was definitely flavorful, with a little bitterness.

This was a beer that I would drink again, and not just because I’ve got 5 more left!


You can check out my Flickr by clicking on the photos here to check out more.


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