Explorer of Food: an Introduction

Hello to foodies everywhere! Welcome to my blog, the Explorer of Food.

I’m Anthony, and have always had a passion for cooking and good food. I’m currently a college student at the University of Toledo, here in Toledo, OH.  If nothing else, Toledo has got some great food.  It was once said Toledo is the restaurant capital of the country, having more restaurants per capita than any other city. True or not, there’s plenty to chose from.

I love eating out, finding new places to eat, and trying new foods most of all.  I also love when I can spend time in the kitchen, cooking for my friends and family. I’ve been a knife nut for quite a while, and this has recently carried over into the kitchen as I start to build my arsenal of kitchen knives and learn the art of hand sharpening.  Having recently turned 21, I’ve delved into the realm of pairing wines and beers (never been a fan of the latter, but I’m coming around) with good food.

I am also an amateur photographer, and enjoy combining that hobby with my love of food.

This blog will follow my adventures in dining out, trying new foods, cooking, and trying out kitchen gear and knives. Unfortunately, I may not always be able to post as often as I like because I’m often busy with school.  But I hope you’ll stay tuned in!


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